The Santo Niño at 500 is a solemn celebration of the 500-year milestone of our country's great history. The country's oldest Catholic icon, the Santo Niño, is known for His miracles and people's devotions that transcend religions. In the words of Pope Francis, the Holy Child is the Protector of the Philippines for half a millennium thus His significance both in our history and culture. Looking back at our country's history, our ancestors have gone through numerous triumphs and defeats. It is indeed through the abiding presence of the Father in the Santo Niño that we have thrived this far. With the commemoration of the 500 years of the arrival of the image of Santo Niño, let us remember our struggles and sacrifices as people of God, and pray for the future of the Catholic Church and the Republic of the Philippines.

To celebrate this 500-year milestone, the Order of Saint Augustine Province of Santo Niño de Cebu-Philippines outlined build-up activities that have already started in 2019 and will culminate in 2021. The Augustinians are the first missionaries in the country and the caretakers of the miraculous image since its finding in 1565.